Porto is a city best described through imagery because I'm being lazy and don't feel like writing.

🌚 Midnight Wanderings

One of my favorite activities in a new city is a post-midnight aimless wander dressed in all black lookin' like a creep. Porto is one of the best places to do this. Its surreal-gothic-medieval style comes to life at night when the seagulls gather above the castles and do their best bat impressions.

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midnight wandering

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🍷 Douro Valley

Follow the Rio Douro into Portugal and you will arrive at the Douro Valley - where every single bottle of Port wine comes from. It's beautiful. I had been drinking so much Port that I thought it would be nice to say thank you to the people working so hard to make it.

This is a process sometimes used to open vintage bottles of Port. Metal tongs are heated up and placed on the neck of the bottle, near the bottom of the cork. When the glass is at the right temperature, cold water is applied to crack the glass. The top half of the neck, with cork intact, is then removed without disturbing the Port.

🌳 Primavera Sound Festival

Music festivals tend to be too much for me, but Primavera Sound in Porto is on the smaller side and not at all overwhelming.

Floating Points was 99.99% of my reason for going.

⛲️ Serralves

Serralves is a large park/garden and contemporary art museum. I took one thousand pictures and here's two of them.

🏪 Where Do I Buy Things?

In Portugal, in place of every store that would sell normal, everyday items, there is a Pasteleria, Confeteria, or Tabacaria.

After walking the streets for hours looking for the most basic things, fruitless in my search, I would look to the sky and ask, "God? Where do I buy things?"

I never got an answer, so I can't help you. But I've learned to not take "knowing where to buy things" for granted.

👀 Scarebnb

I stayed in three different Airbnbs while in Porto. Each one was unique in their own way. Each one scared the shit out of me in their own way.

☕ 💻 Spots

BOP Café

A café with amazing food, drinks, and internet. I would have gone here every day if I didn't think it was weird to go to the same place every day.

📓 Noted

Well, Porto is incredible. Absolutely gorgeous, romantic city. And there's dog shit everywhere.
Why are random personal trainers at the gym shaking my hand. This is so unsanitary.
Francesinhas are like the cheesesteaks of Porto. Except they're not good. I don't feel bad for saying this. They are ridiculous.